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  • APR 03

    Product Management: Startup vs Big Company

    Product Management from a giant to a startup: what they have in common, and what they don't - from an ex-Google and Twitter employee who's now working at a startup that delivers. Literally.
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  • APR 01

    Pebble Time vs. Apple Watch

    The Pebble Time vs. Apple Watch debate is heating up throughout the internet. Tech in Motion Orange County wearable consumers weigh in on what their top pick is, find out more in this blog.
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  • MAR 26

    Product Design Trends: The Future

    Looking for a turn signal glove, a flyable wearable camera, digital skin sensors and smart clothes? Look no further than Silicon Valley: A host of product design companies showed off their wares this spring and weighed in on the future of the industry.
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  • MAR 19

    12 Great Pieces Of Advice From Female Software Engineers

    In honor of women's history month, Hackbright presents words of wisdom from female software engineers dominating the tech world today. Check out their forward thinking, action-oriented advice .
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  • FEB 24

    Company Culture in Tech: More Important Than Money?

    Some things just might be more important than raising money as a startup - company culture for one. With Women's History Month on the horizon, Grasshopper's Ambassador of Buzz spills on helping women in tech feel comfortable, why it's culture's so important in the tech industry and how top-to-bottom corporate culture has helped them bootstrap their company.
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  • FEB 20

    What You Should Know About Startup Incubators

    For most startups, creating and innovating sounds a lot more appealing than waiting four hours for the cable guy that may or may not show up. Find out how startup incubators help entrepreneurs avoid that and add value - from Southern California's only fully pro bono tech incubator.
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  • JAN 13

    O data, where art thou?

    Of course you are in control of your own data … right? Well, not exactly. With every save, send, upload or terms of usage you agree to, you may be giving away control of your own data without even realizing it. Learn how to lock it up.
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  • JAN 06

    How Secure Is Your Data?

    Tech in Motion LA's cyber-security panel agreed on just who should be responsible for your data security - and talked tools for protecting yourself. Get all the details from an avid Tech in Motion member who attended the discussion this winter.
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  • DEC 03

    SHELVED: Behind the Scenes with GoEngineer

    "When I was first approached about creating a stop-motion film using 3D printed characters I immediately accepted. 'It would be fun,' I thought, '…and it will be easy.' ” - Tyler Reid. Watch the video and read the story behind Gary, a determined robot with dangerously cool toys, a fembot love interest and zero understanding of basic physics.
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  • NOV 18

    How to Succeed in Technology: A Chat with TrueCar's John Williams

    Tech in Motion LA hosted a tech talk with TrueCar's Senior Vice President of Platform Operations, John Williams, on how to succeed in technology. From the man who co-founded one of NYC's first Internet Service Providers, hear some invaluable advice on how to stand out, capabilities in mobile, getting funding and beyond.
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