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  • AUG 08

    Award-Winning Secrets to Success from Previous Best Manager Recipients

    With the 2017 Timmy Awards coming up in mere months, learn from previous winners of Best Tech Manager on some of their secrets to success and how you or your manager could hoist the hardware this year!
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  • MAR 04

    The 3 Tech Startup Lessons You Need to Learn (From A Mark Cuban-backed CEO)

    "People...notice the good things, but will easily overlook the late nights you spent in front of the computer screen in your parent’s basement banging your head against the keyboard because of an unknown bug." CEO of Mark Cuban-backed startup Xpire shares 3 tips for entrepreneurial success as a technical co-founder. The first lesson? Fail Quickly...
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  • DEC 09

    Want to launch an app? Buckle up, it can be a wild ride!

    Tech in Motion Toronto hosted an event that had everyone asking what starting a mobile app is really like. Tony Merlo of Carrot Pass broke down the questions founders should ask and challenges to be ready for.
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  • AUG 04

    Live Demos, Startup Pitches & Orange County's Tech Scene in 10 Words or Less

    “We can change the world and live at the beach.” While Tech in Motion members summed up the scene in 10 words or less, the most innovative local tech startups were invited to apply for a spot at the live pitch and demo event. The top four were...
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  • MAY 01

    Connectivity of the Internet NYC: Tech Talk and Film Screening

    “There are people who live their whole lives without knowing that the internet exists” says the CEO and cofounder of Fourquare. 62.1% of the world has no access to the internet. Catch up on Dennis Crowley's talk on the implications of a connected world, and Tech in Motion's screening of WEB: A Human Right.
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  • APR 20

    Finding Success on Product Hunt: From Bond's Founder

    The founder of Bond talks about how Product Hunt helped his startup get to the next level and land on ABC News. He also shares the personal roots of how Bond began and what it can do for an increasingly more internet-connected, personally-disconnected society.
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  • APR 01

    Pebble Time vs. Apple Watch

    The Pebble Time vs. Apple Watch debate is heating up throughout the internet. Tech in Motion Orange County wearable consumers weigh in on what their top pick is, find out more in this blog.
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  • MAR 26

    Product Design Trends: The Future

    Looking for a turn signal glove, a flyable wearable camera, digital skin sensors and smart clothes? Look no further than Silicon Valley: A host of product design companies showed off their wares this spring and weighed in on the future of the industry.
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  • FEB 24

    Company Culture in Tech: More Important Than Money?

    Some things just might be more important than raising money as a startup - company culture for one. With Women's History Month on the horizon, Grasshopper's Ambassador of Buzz spills on helping women in tech feel comfortable, why it's culture's so important in the tech industry and how top-to-bottom corporate culture has helped them bootstrap their company.
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  • DEC 31

    Tech Talent, Legacy Industries and Cost of Entry: Talk From Those "Made in OC"

    Tech in Motion Ocean County's Made in OC Panel Discussion talked tech talent and startups - see who thinks there's no better time than now to start your own business: "When I started my career, to start a business you needed four loans. Now you just need your iPad and Starbucks WiFi."
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