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  • AUG 11

    Venice: the Economic Development of Tech and Culture

    “High tech in LA employs more than 368,500 people in 2013, more than any other metro region in the nation.” What's the best kept secret in Venice of Los Angeles? The Tech. Discover Venice, its startups and beyond.
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  • AUG 04

    Live Demos, Startup Pitches & Orange County's Tech Scene in 10 Words or Less

    “We can change the world and live at the beach.” While Tech in Motion members summed up the scene in 10 words or less, the most innovative local tech startups were invited to apply for a spot at the live pitch and demo event. The top four were...
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  • JUL 24

    Exploring Reality, Musicality and Beyond in Philadelphia

    Exploring other cities through virtual reality, making music with apples and helping the tone-deaf make music: Tech in Motion explored innovations in musicality, reality, and much more at our June event in Philly.
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  • APR 20

    Finding Success on Product Hunt: From Bond's Founder

    The founder of Bond talks about how Product Hunt helped his startup get to the next level and land on ABC News. He also shares the personal roots of how Bond began and what it can do for an increasingly more internet-connected, personally-disconnected society.
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  • APR 01

    Pebble Time vs. Apple Watch

    The Pebble Time vs. Apple Watch debate is heating up throughout the internet. Tech in Motion Orange County wearable consumers weigh in on what their top pick is, find out more in this blog.
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  • MAR 26

    Product Design Trends: The Future

    Looking for a turn signal glove, a flyable wearable camera, digital skin sensors and smart clothes? Look no further than Silicon Valley: A host of product design companies showed off their wares this spring and weighed in on the future of the industry.
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  • FEB 03

    Year in Review Panel Discussion: Net Neutrality, Cyber Security and IoT

    Leaders of Yahoo Tech, Verizon, Aha! Labs, 9 Lenses and Core Capital gathered to discuss the silver lining of cyber security struggles, predicted tech trends for 2015, the rise of FinTech, net neutrality and of course the Internet of Things. What's the scary trend the panelists think will continue?
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  • JAN 13

    O data, where art thou?

    Of course you are in control of your own data … right? Well, not exactly. With every save, send, upload or terms of usage you agree to, you may be giving away control of your own data without even realizing it. Learn how to lock it up.
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  • DEC 03

    SHELVED: Behind the Scenes with GoEngineer

    "When I was first approached about creating a stop-motion film using 3D printed characters I immediately accepted. 'It would be fun,' I thought, '…and it will be easy.' ” - Tyler Reid. Watch the video and read the story behind Gary, a determined robot with dangerously cool toys, a fembot love interest and zero understanding of basic physics.
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  • DEC 02

    Security & Technology - How Secure is Your Data? Silicon Valley

    How secure is your information? With all the recent security breaches at big names like Home Depot and Target - and even the cloud - Tech in Motion guest speakers from McAfee's Intel Security, Vectra Networks and 41st Parameter told our audience about the risks of free apps, BYOD and the future of mobile security.
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