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  • AUG 08

    Award-Winning Secrets to Success from Previous Best Manager Recipients

    With the 2017 Timmy Awards coming up in mere months, learn from previous winners of Best Tech Manager on some of their secrets to success and how you or your manager could hoist the hardware this year!
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  • DEC 09

    Top Tech Leaders in SF Announced at the 2nd Annual Timmys

    After submitting 4,600 votes, SF's biggest tech community selected the winners from the 30 notable finalists, including runner-ups Capital One, Metromile, and Minnie Ingersoll, Founder of Shift Technologies, to represent the best of technology work culture, management and startups in the region. Find out who the 2016 winners are...
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  • NOV 02

    OC Panel: What is the Future of DevOps?

    Tech in Motion Orange County tackled DevOps 101 by discussing the emerging innovations and what's to come in the future for the local market. Check out what their expert panelists had to say!
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  • DEC 09

    Want to launch an app? Buckle up, it can be a wild ride!

    Tech in Motion Toronto hosted an event that had everyone asking what starting a mobile app is really like. Tony Merlo of Carrot Pass broke down the questions founders should ask and challenges to be ready for.
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  • OCT 12

    8 Tech Companies That Will Revolutionize Your Life

    Not sure how to find an apartment? Can't find parking? Don't have a car? Don't want to get off the couch to change the TV channel? Everyday life is full of struggles, but tech companies in San Francisco are coming to the rescue. Check out these 8 tech startups that could revolutionize your life.
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  • AUG 18

    Tech Trivia Tuesday: Asked & Answered

    Is your tech knowledge up to snuff? Tech in Motion Boston hosted the 2nd Annual Tech Trivia Night earlier this summer, and if you weren’t able to make it, here are the questions that tested the tech community - and the answers.
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  • AUG 13

    Cybersecurity and Its Growing Role: Washington D.C. Experts Dive in

    “Cybercrime is the most profitable illicit business on earth; it is a trillion dollar business.” Cybersecurity experts banded together in D.C. to talk about breached companies that failed, why the security business is focusing on the wrong thing and much more.
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  • AUG 04

    Live Demos, Startup Pitches & Orange County's Tech Scene in 10 Words or Less

    “We can change the world and live at the beach.” While Tech in Motion members summed up the scene in 10 words or less, the most innovative local tech startups were invited to apply for a spot at the live pitch and demo event. The top four were...
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  • JUL 28

    Instant Gratification with On-Demand Apps in San Francisco

    As an on-demand society, it's only right that technology now provides instant gratification to your doorstep. Stressed at work? Order a Zeel massage. Can't pick up your kid from school? Shuddle can. Missing a delivery? Doorman has your package. Want a cookie? Doughbies. Check.
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  • JUL 24

    Exploring Reality, Musicality and Beyond in Philadelphia

    Exploring other cities through virtual reality, making music with apples and helping the tone-deaf make music: Tech in Motion explored innovations in musicality, reality, and much more at our June event in Philly.
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