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  • JUL 21

    Toronto Gamers Unite!

    Toronto's Gaming Interactive: Drinks & Demos event took members behind the scenes of the local video game industry, from mobile game apps to the best of traditional gaming. Check out what they had to offer...
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  • JUL 17

    San Francisco Celebrates 5,000 Members

    At San Francisco's milestone celebration of 5000 members, Tech in Motion attendees dished on what their favorite events and experiences have been through the years. What is your favorite TIM memory?
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  • APR 16

    Women Transforming Tech: Are there gender inequalities?

    An impressive panel representing Venmo, Squarespace and Verizon tackled a tough question: “Is ‘women in tech’ a real issue or a perceived one?” See what they had to say about that and what women can start doing more of.
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  • APR 15

    Sight and Sound Tech Unveiled: Demos with San Fran

    An evening of virtual reality: testing out Lightsabers, synced pairs of headphones, cinematic virtual reality tools and sensory tech with 3D output. Plus, a $100 giveaway from an organization that can deliver anything.
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  • MAR 31

    Drinks & Data in San Francisco with Tech in Motion

    Tech in Motion talked data visualization in San Francisco with Joey Hobbs of Quid, Mikko Jarvenpaa of Infogram and Alex Salkever of Catch up on the event here.
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  • MAR 26

    Product Design Trends: The Future

    Looking for a turn signal glove, a flyable wearable camera, digital skin sensors and smart clothes? Look no further than Silicon Valley: A host of product design companies showed off their wares this spring and weighed in on the future of the industry.
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  • MAR 23

    Health and Fitness 2015 in NYC

    Engineers, developers, investors, tech enthusiasts, and health aficionados gathered at WeWork Soho West to discover and explore the health industry in 2015.
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  • MAR 05

    A Fireside Chat with Hubspot: All about Company Culture

    “You want to empower the engineers to do work. You’re there to serve the people who make the magic.” It's all about empowerment and company culture at Hubspot.
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  • MAR 04

    "Kickstart" into 2015

    What better way to start the new year off than with a "Kickstarter" brewery filled with techies? It's the place to hear about the next big thing, before it becomes it.
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  • FEB 03

    Year in Review Panel Discussion: Net Neutrality, Cyber Security and IoT

    Leaders of Yahoo Tech, Verizon, Aha! Labs, 9 Lenses and Core Capital gathered to discuss the silver lining of cyber security struggles, predicted tech trends for 2015, the rise of FinTech, net neutrality and of course the Internet of Things. What's the scary trend the panelists think will continue?
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