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  • MAY 14

    Where to Live in Silicon Valley’s Booming Tech Market

    If you were to ask the average American what they picture when they hear Silicon Valley, they’d probably say the big names like Google in Mountain View, Apple in Cupertino, and the Stanford/Palo Alto lifestyle they saw in The Social Network. While these may be the landmarks people outside of California have come to know as the epicenter of technology, Silicon Valley has become a sprawling and growing landscape represented across the bay area. With Google and Apple buying up office space left and right in their respective cities, and companies like Palantir seemingly doing the same in Palo Alto, tech startups are often forced to find other cities to call home.
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  • MAY 07

    2014: The Year of the Tech War for Talent – Aftermath

    Tech in Motion Boston hosted our second largest event to date, “2014: The Year of the Tech War for Talent.” With a innovative tech hiring panel representing startups, enterprises and IT recruiters, this was the event to be at if you have ever wondered what hiring managers are really looking for.
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  • JAN 15

    Recap: Women in Tech in Boston

    Tech in Motion Boston wanted to celebrate Women in Tech and brought together a panel of five female tech leaders in the Boston area to discuss the latest trends surrounding women in technology.
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  • JAN 08

    Women in Technology: Where do they stand?

    Tech in Motion held a panel made up of women who are accomplished in the fields of technology and/or startup companies who had a lot of advice and encouragement to share about their work and education experiences.
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  • JUL 22

    How Can Contractors Benefit Your Company?

    If you have been involved in technical hiring recently, you’ve probably noticed how hard and competitive it is to find the right candidate. Kyle explains how Contractors may be the solution you never thought of!
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