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  • MAY 12

    20 Forces in the NYC Tech Scene You Need to Meet

    Did we mention they're all on the short list to win a Timmy at the 2nd Annual Timmy Awards in NYC on May 19? Some of the best tech startups, technology managers, and technology work cultures will be at the event, so make sure to check out New York’s 20 most impressive finalists.
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  • MAR 10

    The 30 LA Timmy Awards Finalists You Need To Meet

    Looking for the hottest startups in Los Angeles? The most innovative work environment? How about a top IT manager? You can find them on this list of 30 Timmy Awards finalists for the best tech startups, technology managers and tech work cultures.
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  • MAR 08

    First Female Winner of "Best Technology Manager" at Inaugural Chicago Timmy Awards

    200 nominations, 11,000 votes and 30 amazing finalists later, the Chicago Timmy Awards recognized the first ever female winner of the “Best Technology Manager” in Timmys history. In light of National Women's history month, make sure you learn more about what it takes to be a winner. (Photo Credit: Greg Rothstein; 1871/Cloudspotter)
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